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irac format 4

Please Both IRAC FORMAT 1. Review the Critical Legal Thinking Case 18.4 on page 324. It is entitled Tri-State Petroleum v. Saber Energy, Inc. Tri-State admitted its breach but claimed that lost profits are an inappropriate measure of damages. Using IRAC, who wins? 2. Review the Critical Legal Thinking Case on Liquidated Damages on page […]

impact of cultural values on consumer behavior paper 2

Choose one of the following changes in Cultural Values to review and discuss: (1) green marketing, (2) cause-related marketing, (3) gender-based marketing, or (4) marketing to gay and lesbian consumers. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which the interrelationship between consumer behavior and changes in cultural values is reviewed. Find three specific examples of […]

testing for multiple regression 17

Part 1 Answer a social research question with multiple regression. As you begin the Assignment, be sure and pay close attention to the assumptions of the test. Specifically, make sure the variables are metric level variables. Using the SPSS software, open the Afrobarometer dataset or the High School Longitudinal Study dataset (whichever you choose). Based […]

250 words bluebook citation

Question: Why are police officers required to inform suspects of their rights, but they are not required to tell people that they need not give consent to a search? What is the difference? When does Miranda apply? Give examples. Support your position with scholarly research and analysis.

write one or two body paragraph 100 to 150 sentence

In-class activity: self-assessment to be written in complete sentences and submitted through Blackboard. a. Assess your strengths and weakness as a writer and communicator, based on personal experience (particularly with the previous class in this series) b. What would you like to accomplish this semester? Be specific and detailed. c. Do you have a professional […]

project 1 employee handbook it security 2

thorough legal review by the company’s attorneys. Upon final approval by the Corporate Governance Board, the policies will be adopted and placed into the Employee Handbook. Research: Review the table of contents and relevant chapters in the Certified Information Privacy Professional textbook to find information about legal and regulatory drivers. Review the remaining course readings. […]