Lab 1- video and lab report | Chemistry | Chamberlain College of Nursing

Your lab report for Lab 1 should include the following information in order to earn full points for this assignment:

Name: (0.25 points) Be sure to include your full name (First and Last).

Date: (0.25 points) You can use a MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY format, or type out the date

Experiment #: (0.25 points) Be sure the experiment number matches the Lab Module.

Title: (0.25 points) The title of the experiment should also match the title given in the Lab Module.

Purpose: (1 point) This section should be written in complete sentences using third person, and present or past tense. The purpose should include the goal of the experiment. If there is more than one part to the experiment you may summarize all goals in this section. This short description should make it clear what skills or knowledge should be gained from the completion of the experiment.

Procedure: (2 points) The procedure should be a step by step set of instructions that is detailed enough that someone could use it to replicate the experiment. This is very similar to a recipe in cooking. You can write this section using paragraphs, numbered lists, or bullet points, however it should be written in complete sentences (third-person, present or past tense), and well-organized. If there is more than one part to the experiment, you can have multiple subsections in the procedure.

Be sure to include a procedure for:

Part 1:

  • The different types of pipettes
  • How to use a pipette
  • The precision experiment
  • The accuracy experiment

Part 2:

  • SDS-Page Electrophoresis
  • Agarose Gel Electrophoresis

Data/Results/Calculations: (2 points) In this section you should organize all the observations and data that was collected as part of the experiment, being sure to clearly label each measurement and/or part of the experiment. You may wish to construct a data table for a neat and professional looking report. Please note that screen shots from the lab video of data are not permitted.

Be sure to include data/results/calculations for:

Part 1:

  • Pipette Precision (Variable Volume vs. Graduated Glass Pipette)
    • Mass Data
    • Calculated Volume
    • Mean
    • Standard Deviation
  • Pipette Accuracy (Variable Volume vs. Graduated Glass Pipette)
    • Set Volume
    • Measured Volume
    • Difference

Part 2:

  • SDS-Page
    • Data Table
    • Equation from Plot of Log MW vs. Rf
    • Calculation of MW of P2
    • Calculation of MW of P2
  • Agarose Gel
    • Which dog is the unknown?

Discussion Questions: (2 points)

How is a glass pipette similar and different from an automatic pipettor?

What is the difference between accuracy and precision?

When pipetting how should you treat volatile organic compounds differently than water-based solutions?

Is electrophoresis an analytical or preparative technique? Explain giving one piece of evidence in your rationale.

Conclusion: (2 points) The conclusion section should be a well developed paragraph (at least 6 sentences), separate from the Data/Results/Calculations section. It should be written in complete sentences (third-person, present or past tense) and should summarize the results of the entire experiment(s). You should emphasize what important concepts were explored, what the results showed, what conclusions can be drawn, and how the purpose of the experiment was accomplished.

Be sure to include:

Which pipette was the more precise?

Which pipette was the more accurate?

Notes: The notes section is where you should put information that does not belong in other sections. This would include background information, or anything else that you deem important that was not directly related to performing the experiment


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