Exam: 006829rr | Electrical Engineering homework help

Exam: 006829RR – Switching, Cords and Cables, Motors, and Related Systems


1. The NEC states that all panelboard circuits and circuit _______ shall be legibly identified as to purpose or use on a circuit directory located on the face or inside of the panel doors.

A. conductors

B. feeders

C. modifications

D. manufacturers


2. Which of the following is not an acceptable application of flexible cords and cables?

A. Connection of moving parts

B. Wiring of light fixtures

C. Under floorboards

D. Appliances, to permit maintenance


3. What is the smallest diameter EMT raceway that can be installed when wiring a three-phase, AC motor, rated at 40 HP and 230V, using THW Cu conductors?

A. 1½ inches

B. 2 inches

C. 1 inch

D. 1¼ inches


4. The NEC states that snap switches shouldn’t be grouped in enclosures unless they can be arranged so that the voltage between adjacent switches doesn’t exceed _______, or unless they’re installed in enclosures equipped with permanently installed barriers between adjacent switches.

A. 400 V

B. 300 V

C. 100 V

D. 200 V


5. A flexible cable contains eight current-carrying conductors. What is the ampacity limit for this cable if the rating for a cable of the same type with no more than three conductors is 20 A?

A. 14 A

B. 20 A

C. 16 A

D. 10 A


6. When determining the number of overcurrent devices in a panelboard, a single 3-pole circuit breaker should be counted as _______ device(s).

A. 3

B. 2

C. 1

D. 6


7. The NEC states that for permanently connected appliances rated over _______ volt-amperes or 1/8 horsepower, the branch-circuit switch or circuit breaker shall be permitted to serve as the disconnecting means where the switch or circuit breaker is within site from the appliance or is capable of being locked in the open position.

A. 500

B. 300

C. 750

D. 400


8. Which of the following appliances must be supplied by an individual branch circuit?

A. Ceiling fan

B. Range hood

C. Garage door opener

D. Central heating unit


9. Assuming that the listed exception does not apply, the NEC states that the minimum number of overload unit(s) required for a three-phase, alternating current motor shall be

A. two.

B. three.

C. one.

D. four.


10. What is the correct fuse rating to provide short-circuit protection for a 100 HP, 200 V, 3Φ, wound rotor motor?

A. 250 A

B. 300 A

C. 200 A

D. 110 A


11. The NEC requires that snap switches rated _______ amperes or less must be marked CO/ALR when connected to aluminum wire.

A. 20

B. 25

C. 35

D. 15


12. According to the NEC, the rating or setting of an overcurrent protection device for a 13.3-ampere, single, non-motor-operated appliance should not exceed _______ amperes.

A. 35

B. 20

C. 45

D. 15


13. Two electricians are discussing panelboards. Electrician A says that the rating of a panelboard for a single-family residence with a 200 A service must be at least 230 A. Electrician B says that the panelboard OCPD for a 200 A service can’t be rated higher that 200 A. Which of the following statements is correct?

A. Neither electrician is correct.

B. Only Electrician B is correct.

C. Both electricians are correct.

D. Only Electrician A is correct.


14. According to the NEC, which of the following appliances is required to be connected to an individual branch circuit?

A. Kitchen waste disposer

B. Trash Compactor

C. Range hood

D. Dishwasher


15. What is the maximum allowable length, in feet, for a motor tap conductor according to the NEC?

A. 40

B. 10

C. 25

D. 75


16. The NEC requires that recessed lighting fixture tap conductors be a minimum of _______ inches long.

A. 13

B. 14

C. 18

D. 12


17. Two electricians are discussing NEC requirements for common appliances. Electrician A says that new, cord-and-plug, single-phase room A/C units must have factory-installed LCDI or AFCI protection. Electrician B says that the cord for a household refrigerator must be visible and readily accessible to be used as a disconnect switch. Which of the following statements is correct?

A. Both electricians are correct.

B. Only Electrician B is correct.

C. Only Electrician A is correct.

D. Neither electrician is correct.


18. What is the full-load current of a 50-horsepower, three-phase, AC motor operating at 230 V?

A. 113 A

B. Per motor nameplate

C. 725 A

D. 130 A

19. What is the maximum ampacity for type SPE-1 flexible cable, 10 AWG copper, where only two conductors are current-carrying?

A. 35 A

B. 30 A

C. 40 A

D. 20 A

20. Two electricians are installing receptacles for portable equipment on the outside of a multifamily dwelling. Electrician A says that any receptacles that are under a porch roof need a weatherproof cover only when a plug isn’t installed. Electrician B says that any receptacles that aren’t under the porch roof need a waterproof cover even when the plug is installed. Which of the following is correct?

A. Neither electrician is correct.

B. Only Electrician A is correct.

C. Only Electrician B is correct.

D. Both electricians are correct.



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