Describe the health care organization or network.

Health organization evaluation | Nursing homework help

UnitedHealthcare is the health care provider being examined in this case study. UHC, a non-profit company providing health care services to approximately 119 million people worldwide, is UHC. UHC is headquartered in Minnetonka (Minnesota), and has operations across the 50 US states as well as the District of Columbia. UHC’s global network includes more than 1,000,000 healthcare providers and facilities. It is one of the most important managed health care organisations in the world ( 2020). Richard Burrill founded the company in 1977 as Charter Med Incorporated, an HMO. Since then it has experienced significant growth through acquisitions and partnerships (UHG Investor Relations 2018, 2018).

Examine current trends that could affect the delivery of healthcare over the next ten years.

In order to assess UHC’s readiness for meeting future healthcare needs within the next 10 years, it must first be understood what some of those trends are likely to be. One key trend that appears to be on track to continue over this timeframe is consumerism—the idea that patients should have greater control over their own healthcare decisions (KPMG International & Deloitte Consulting LLP., 2017). This can include factors such as cost optimization through better consumer education regarding pricing or value-based decision making from customer feedback on quality measures (KPMG International & Deloitte Consulting LLP., 2017). IBM Watson Health Global Healthcare Analysis 2019, a report that predicts technology innovations such as Telehealth, will continue to be integrated into the routine medical practice. It allows faster access to specialists who may not be available in your area or for those times when travelling might prove costly or impractical. As a result of these trends there will likely also be more emphasis placed on population health management initiatives designed around improving outcomes while controlling costs from a macro-level perspective instead of just focusing on individual patient cases (KPMG International & Deloitte Consulting LLP., 2017). Finally, due to an aging population combined with advances in treatments and diagnostic methods there will be an increased focus on geriatric specialties—particularly those related to long term chronic conditions common among elderly populations—as well as preventative medicine interventions targeted at reducing adverse events associated with age-related diseases like dementia or stroke(Cristina Tzvetkova et al.). If UHC wants to remain competitive in the future, they must prepare for all these unique issues.
Examine readiness strategies that are needed to meet the expected changes as outlined above.

To address these changes efficiently while meeting customer demand and remaining profitable, there are several components that should be part of any strategy plan.

1) Increased Focus On Consumerism – To meet consumer expectations relating consumer autonomy over their own healthcare choices means having processes place which allow customers transparently compare prices between different providers prior committing themselves treatment plans(Wang et al., 2016) . Positive outcomes can also be achieved by offering incentives to reward healthy behavior and encouraging proactive engagement for managing your personal wellbeing.

2) Investment In Technology – Utilizing digital technologies provide better communication channels between patients physicians , increase access remote primary specialist consultations , automate administrative tasks improve overall efficiency across entire organization critical staying ahead curve . The use of technologies such as machine learning artificial Intelligence greatly facilitates data analytics, allowing for patterns to be identified and predicted before problems occur. This helps reduce unnecessary expensive procedures.

3) Focus On Population Health Management – Implementing corporate wide programs promote healthier populations rather than simply treating individuals when become ill beneficial both terms lower insurance premiums well improved quality life citizens insured under policies organizaion thus translating higher levels satisfaction among subscribers . These programs might include developing outreach campaigns to target specific demographics, providing information about diets and running educational seminars that make people more aware of their choices.

4) Investing Geriatric Specialties And Preventative Medicine – Since elderly members society require special attention particular areas risk prevention because conditions often degenerative nature meaning earlier detections better chance slowing down progression condition course treatment entirely avoidable situations arise , investing research development geriatric preventive therapies extremely important area given growing demand demographic . Furthermore additional funding sent towards training personnel specialize dealing ages required properly meet changing needs population consequently ensuring strong knowledge base within organization maintain highest standards service delivery possible without compromising levels safety security provided by authorized medical staff doctorate qualifications credentials relevant fields expertise needed time come along efficiently manage resources allocated them best serve interests general public question .”

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