What is the client’s BMI? Identify what screening tools you would use to assess nutritional and exercise knowledge, and why? Identify two client outcomes that are reasonable, measurable and realistic Identify 3 nursing interventions for each client outcome and give rationales Identify what weakness in the client’s life and supports may be impacting the client’s activity and diet? What referrals would you make and why? Identify your references in APA format. Use references not just opinion.

Case study on Aging Adults | Nursing homework help

  1. To assess the client’s nutritional and exercise knowledge, I would use the following screening tools:
  • The Rapid Eating Assessment for Patients (REAP) tool: This tool evaluates the client’s dietary habits, food choices, and nutrient intake to identify areas for improvement.
  • The Rapid Assessment of Physical Activity (RAPA) tool: This tool assesses the client’s physical activity level and identifies areas for improvement.

I would use these screening tools to gather objective data about the client’s nutritional and exercise knowledge to develop a personalized plan of care.

  1. There are two outcomes for clients that can be compared to the real world.
  • Regular exercise and balanced eating will reduce the client’s BMI within six months.
  • In 3 months, the client will consume at least 5 more servings of fruit and vegetables per day by eating plant-based foods and snacking.
  1. There are three nursing interventions that can be used to help each client achieve their desired outcome. These reasons and the details of them all are:

Client Outcome 1 – The client will lower their BMI by engaging in regular physical activity, eating well and maintaining a healthy weight within six months.

  • 1. Develop an exercise program with your client that includes activities you enjoy and are able to do. The rationale behind this: Physical activity is a great way to burn calories and improve your cardiovascular health. It can also help you increase muscle mass.
  • Intervention 2: Develop a meal plan with your client that is balanced. It should contain nutrient dense foods and portion control. The rationale behind this intervention is that a balanced diet will provide clients with all the nutrients necessary for their optimal health and weight control.
  • Intervention 3: Monitor the client’s weight regularly and adjust the exercise and meal plans as needed to achieve the desired BMI reduction. The rationale for this intervention: Regular weight monitoring will help you track the progress of your body and pinpoint areas that are in need of improvement.

Client Outcome 2 – The client will consume at least 5 more servings of fruit and vegetables per day over the next 3 months, by eating more plant-based foods and snacking.

  • 1. Educate client about fruits and vegetables, and how to get the daily recommended intake. Argument: Clients may not realize the importance of vegetables and fruits in their health.
  • Intervention 2: Develop a meal plan with your client that includes fruits and vegetables. Justification: A balanced meal plan that contains fruits and veggies can help clients maintain optimal health.
  • Intervention #3: Give the client ideas and recipes for healthy snacks made with fruits and veggies. Argument: Clients can get healthy snacks to help them meet their fruit- and vegetable intake goals.
  1. The weakness in the client’s life and supports that may be impacting their activity and diet could be the client’s independence and pride. A client might be resistant to receiving assistance or making lifestyle changes that will affect their ability and willingness to accept it.
  2. This client may benefit from the following referrals:
  • Registered dietitian can help you create a customized meal plan, and offer ongoing nutrition counseling.
  • You can have a personal trainer, therapist, or physical therapist create an exercise program that suits your needs and continue to support you.
  • A social worker to assess the client’s support system and identify resources for emotional and social support.

Refer to: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2021). Assessment of your body weight. Retrieved at https://www.cdc.gov/healthyweight/assessing/index.html Holmes, S., & Dick, K. (2010). Review of Tools

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