8-12 Slide presentation with *speaker notes* (speaker notes need to be included so I can complete the presentation portion); of the stakeholder groups identified in your Assessment 2 Policy Proposal, which addresses current performance shortfalls, the reasons why new policy and practice guidelines are needed to eliminate those shortfalls, and how the group’s work will benefit from the changes. 

Slide 1 Introduction

  • Present the subject and briefly summarize the Assessment 2 Policy Proposal.
  • It is important to mention that the presentation will be focused on stakeholder groups and the potential benefits they could receive from changes in policy or practice.

Slide 2: Caregivers and Patients

  • Talk about the problems that caregivers and patients face with the current healthcare system.
  • Describe how new policies and practices can increase patient satisfaction and reduce costs.
  • Give examples to show how caregivers and patients can benefit from increased access and preventative care as well as lower out-of pocket costs and improved communication with their healthcare providers.

Slide 3: Healthcare Providers

  • Disseminate the challenges healthcare professionals face today, such as high workloads and burnout.
  • Explain how policies and practices can be changed to alleviate these problems, including the implementation of electronic health records that streamline workflows and the expansion of telehealth services in order to improve access.
  • Examples of the benefits healthcare providers can enjoy include reduced administrative burden and job satisfaction as well as improved outcomes for patients.

Slide 4: Payers and Insurers

  • Talk about the problems that payers and insurers are facing, including rising premiums and limited coverage.
  • Expose how policies and practices can be changed to reduce healthcare costs and improve quality.
  • Examples of the benefits that insurers and payors could reap, including increased profitability or customer satisfaction.

Slide 5: Government Agencies

  • The role of government agencies within the healthcare system is discussed, including the regulation and funding of healthcare programs.
  • Explain the ways in which policy and practice can be used to improve efficiency and effectiveness for government health programs such as Medicare or Medicaid.
  • Examples of government agencies that could benefit include reduced healthcare costs and improved outcomes for the public.

Slide 6: Advocacy groups

  • Disseminate the importance of advocacy groups when influencing healthcare policy and advocating patient rights.
  • Discuss how policies and practices can be used to support advocacy groups’ goals, including improving healthcare access and decreasing health disparities.
  • Examples of the benefits that advocacy groups could have include increased visibility and influence over healthcare policy decisions.

Slide 7: Healthcare Industry

  • Talk about the problems facing the healthcare industry such as increased competition and regulatory pressure.
  • Discuss how changes in policy and practices can be used to help healthcare thrive and adapt to a changing world.
  • Examples of the benefits that healthcare could reap include increased profits and a better reputation.

Slide 8: Interdisciplinarity Teams

  • Talk about the value of interprofessional teams for providing high-quality patient care.
  • Explain how changes in policy or practice can increase collaboration and communication between interdisciplinarious teams. This includes implementing team-based models of care and increasing training opportunities.
  • Give examples that illustrate how interdisciplinarity can benefit patients and employees, including improved job satisfaction.

Slide 9 – Conclusion

  • Summarize all the benefits that policy and practice changes could bring to the different stakeholder groups included in the Assessment 2 Policy Proposal.
  • In order to achieve these benefits, it is important that you emphasize the importance of communication and collaboration.
  • Ask for feedback and questions from your audience.

Notes for the Speaker:

  • Provide more information on each slide to explain the potential shortfalls or benefits.
  • You can use data and examples to back up the points you make in your presentation.
  • Encourage discussion and participation from the audience throughout the presentation.

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