Human trafficking, extreme poverty, preventable diseases, the opioid crisis and the lack of adequate low-income housing are a few current societal concerns worthy of social change.

Titular: Advocate for Improved Access to Mental Health Services In Underserved Communities


There are many social issues facing the United States that need to be addressed, such as access to healthcare. In order to tackle the increasing rates of mental illness, especially among underserved populations, it is essential that mental health services be provided. Healthcare leaders and nurses are well-positioned to influence and shape healthcare policy to increase access to mental healthcare services. The paper will advocate for better access to mental healthcare services in underserved areas through advocacy, policy-making, collaboration and collaboration with other healthcare professionals and stakeholders.

Policing Issue/Problem

Access to mental health services is essential for addressing mental issues. This has been a major problem in communities that are underserved. National Alliance on Mental Illness, (NAMI) estimates that approximately 43.8 millions Americans experience some form of mental illness each year. Only 43% get treatment. Access to mental health services is more difficult for those living in underserved areas. This leads to higher rates of mental illness that are not being treated. Access to mental health services is difficult for many reasons, including financial constraints, a shortage of providers and stigmas that are associated with mental illness.

Tina Smith introduced the Mental Health Access Improvement Act in March 2021. Mental Health Access Improvement Act (or Mental Health Access Improvement Act) aims to make mental health more accessible by increasing access and financial support for underserved areas. This bill will expand the National Health Service Corps so that mental health specialists are included. A loan repayment program is also created for mental health professionals willing to serve in underserved areas.

What the policy is all about and what are some ways to strengthen it

Mental Health Access Improvement Act, a key step toward improving accessibility to mental healthcare services for underserved populations, is vital. By increasing mental health specialists and financial support for mental professionals in communities that are underserved, this bill will address the issue of the lack of mental healthcare providers. The bill increases the National Health Service Corps and ensures underserved communities have easy access to high-quality mental health services. In addition, a loan repayment program was created to help mental health professionals working in areas that have not been served.

For the policy to be strengthened, advocates must advocate for mental health services being included in all plans. All healthcare plans must include mental health services in order to guarantee that all citizens have access. This policy will be further strengthened by increased funding for mental healthcare research, and the elimination of stigmats that are associated with mental disorders.

Advocates for Healthcare Consumers and Healthcare Professionals

Nurses and other healthcare leaders are advocates for both healthcare consumers and professionals. They play an important role in shaping and influencing policies related to healthcare. Advocates are able to raise awareness about mental health problems in underserved areas and push for more funding. Additionally, advocates may work with policymakers and help to address financial barriers that hinder access to mental health services.

Influence of the policy on the public

This bill, the Mental Health Access Improvement Act, will make a huge impact on the general public and especially those in low-income communities. The bill seeks to improve the availability of mental health care professionals within underserved areas and to provide financial support to those professionals. This bill provides quality mental healthcare services for underserved communities. It will help to address the problem of underserved mental health providers and remove financial barriers that prevent people from accessing mental healthcare services.

Working with other stakeholders

It is important to work with all stakeholders to promote the goal of increasing access to mental health care in communities that are underserved. The key stakeholders are mental health professionals and healthcare organisations, as well as patient advocacy groups.

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