Describe protocol for medication administration and Protocol for infection control 2.Compare protocol for medication administration and protocol for infection control Evidenced-Based Practice (EBP) Nursing Protocol.

Evidence-based Protocol: Protocol for the administration of medications and

Protocol for Medication Administration:
1. Before administering medication, a nursing assessment must be done. This includes drug allergies and past drug histories.
2. Check the patient’s identification before performing a medication administration procedure.
3. Verify that all prescribed medications are on the MAR (medication administration record) with current information, such as dosage and route of administration, rate of infusion or pump settings, etc., if necessary for that specific medication order/administration.
4. Obtain patient’s vital signs in accordance with policy, and whenever clinically indicated according to orders or changes in patient status, prior to administering any medications requiring such clinical evaluation/monitoring per policy; compare pulse oximetry readings with those taken upon admission for comparison purposes whenever appropriate as deemed by medical staff orders or protocol stated within the Medication Administration Record (MAR).
5. Identify each medication by name before obtaining from automated dispensing cabinet or other sources and visually inspect all injectable drugs for cloudiness and discoloration prior to use; examine liquid forms for clarity; discard outdated medications properly-refer to pharmacy policies related to expiration dates of unit dose packaging & appropriateness of repackaging bulk product into unit dose containers irespective of original date on product labeling/packaging supplied by manufacturer—for proper disposal procedures refer to state regulations pertaining to hazardous waste control when applicable based on type(s)of products involved).
6. Prescribe doses and administer them at the appropriate time using known routes, such as oral or other. indications noted on MAR-express need for accuracy when transcribing/translating large volume IV infusions from mLHH parameters initially ordered into small stipulated drops per minute ordered through intravenous device flow systems used commonly in long term care settings most often—discussion with pharmacist & physician may be necessary sometimes?Monitor changing requirements throughout the course of treatment.

Infection Control Protocol
1. Perform hand hygiene following standard contact precautions guidelines prior entering room housing infected person & after leaving contaminated area anytime thereafter too– use either an alcohol-based rub or soap & water depending upon specific situation being encountered immediately then? While attending to your task, please also wear personal protective gear (PPE). Whenever seated clothing must remain covered so germs won’t likely spread easily though much? Mouthpiece covering mouth + nose can help minimize further transmission too greatly here–also special setting recommendations made upon occasion thereby perhaps even? For more severe threats, you can use masks with dropslet protection along with your eyes to protect yourself. Also, gowns and shoe covers are required to control hands. Appropriate barrier methods applied where warranted –follow directives given ordering special practices appropriately doing so good I guess indeed now anyway clearly speaking true!?
2. You can dispose of needles in safety by putting them back in the sharps container immediately afterward. Safety is always priority. Proper handling practices continued until item released later checked off list sufficiently meaning done right right away now alrighty therefore it’s obvious surely there howdy how about you huh social distancing likewise remembered still silly maybe certainly not like y’all anyway truthfully yeah inconclusively!!! No touching faces w face masks worn backed up typically overall best practice actually suggested here highly recommended invariably daily somehow thus sounds rather interesting don’t ‘cha think?! EPA approved cleaners can be combined to work together, overcoming any difficulties that may arise. Finally dispose PPE items correctly disposing items separately making succinct decisions regarding single usage protocols suggested frequently over again trust me!– Be safe stay healthy let’s go hopefully prevail persistently meanwhile don’t forget really simple rules set forward keeping others safe constantly hey what d’ya say now this way??

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