Post a brief description of the informatics functional area in which you are interested (Leadership in Nursing Informatics).

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1. The leadership area in nursing informatics is a field of healthcare informatics. It focuses on developing and implementing technologies that improve patient outcomes and streamline workflows. This also helps to increase communication between nurses. In today’s digital healthcare environment, the aim is to ensure that nursing care can be delivered in an informed, secure, productive, efficient, and safe manner.

2. Four ANA competencies that are vital to success in this functional area include leadership skills; information systems management; knowledge integration & evaluation; system utilization & application. Effective communication with stakeholders is essential. They also help coordinate interprofessional teams and identify areas in which technology could improve patient outcomes. While incorporating new technology or changing existing ones, leadership skills can be a must. Information systems management helps ensure data security and proper usage according to HIPAA guidelines as well as best practice recommendations from government agencies like CDC for handling sensitive data within an organization’s network infrastructure. Knowledge integration & evaluation enables nurses to stay up-to-date on evidence-based treatment protocols for different disease states so they can apply them accurately and consistently in patient diagnosis activities during their shift at the hospital or clinic setting. System utilization & application allows nurses to understand how different technologies interact with one another and be able propose technological solutions based on past experience in solving similar problems quickly yet efficiently without overlooking any detail critical for successful execution of each initiative taken by the departmental staff involved./p>

3. It will take a mix of both theoretical courses such as the ones offered by accredited online universities and practical training through shadowing professionals in this field (e.g. attending conferences specifically related to Healthcare Informatics). To develop these skills successfully, it will require an assortment of coursework. Additionally keeping abreast with industry news using specialized blogs or newsletters related towards updates released concerning software updates being used by hospitals/clinics relevant towards nurse’s duties can also provide additional value in discovering core trends leading up today’s cutting edge features impacting the job market today whether working inside a corporate setting or freelance basis. 

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