Analyze whether the major financial management decisions of the Richards family involve capital budgeting, capital structure, and working capital management.

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Richards Family’s major financial management decisions include capital budgeting and capital structure management. A firm’s capital budgeting decisions refer to investments in long-term assets like factory equipment or other fixed assets. For this purpose, Richards’ family has to evaluate the cash flow associated with each asset and project in order to make a decision about which one is likely to yield greater returns than its financial cost. Capital structure describes how a firm finances its activities – either through debt (such as loans) or equity (such as shares). The purpose of this decision is to maximize return and reduce risk exposure. Management of current assets, such as inventory, receivables, and payables is essential to day-to-day operation. But it can also be very costly. To ensure that the business is not at financial risk, Richards’ family needs to carefully evaluate all aspects.

The Richards family’s choice of whether to form a regular corporation, or a hybrid, depends on many factors such as ownership control requirements, tax implications, and legal liability. Although a C Corporation can provide greater protection against personal liability, it is more tax-efficient than other forms of corporate governance. However, it has some disadvantages like double taxation for dividends received and complicated filing requirements. Other hybrid entities such as Limited Liability Companies have certain advantages related to profit distribution flexibility and ownership transfer ease depending on the specific characteristics. Therefore it is important that you carefully consider your options before choosing an entity type.

Incorporation would affect the Richards family’s ability to transfer ownership because stockholders have limited rights over corporate property unless specified otherwise in any agreement entered into between them; furthermore transferring shares requires compliance with applicable state laws concerning securities registration etc., all which need careful study beforehand so that expectations aren’t unfulfilled afterwards when matters reach fruition upon transfer having taken place thus ensuring everything adheres closely agreed terms regulations.

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The incorporation of Richard Family may impact their ability to give up small amounts profit exchange for protecting the environment. This contrasts with traditional belief practices that are dominated by capitalism. The Richard Family is able to obtain more equity financing creating wealth. They go public and then list shares.[Elden 2007].

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