Describe organizational context, where does this fit, why is it important.

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Organisations adapt and evolve constantly, regardless of external factors like market conditions or internal change such as personnel shifts. Effective organizational strategies are built on the ability to identify these changes and adapt accordingly. Through reading the book “Organizational Change: Theory & Practice” I have gained a better understanding of how different types of change can affect organizations across management structure, staff morale, customer perception and other areas. This book has given me insight into how to identify signs in an organization that it needs to change direction and the specific solutions available.

Content knowledge has improved. I can now distinguish between emergent and planned models of change, their benefits and drawbacks. Additionally, I am able to differentiate between strategic and technical aspects that may lead to either. In order to make any process related to transformations successful or unsuccessful, I learned how stakeholders can achieve shared goals and levels of participation. Furthermore through gaining deeper insights into current trends in leadership styles & techniques used across different industries one can become more familiarized with best practices revolving around managing teams overall while going through significant transitions.

This class, along with the new skillsets that involve critical thinking provide context about how organizational theories can be applied to my work environment and those of others. By drawing upon analytical principles taught here one will able utilize mediums such brainstorming sessions & process mapping while implementing methods that optimize effectiveness dealing with unfamiliar challenges faced at each stage transformation taking place always bearing mind realistic constraints ideas must take shape within both economic & time restraints alike.

This class has given me the insight to see organizational change cases differently. I now allow for larger picture factors that impact company operations rather than focusing only on smaller items in a short time frame. If left unattended, this can cause instability over long-term. Thus although there no universal solution every scenario presented still possessing theoretical framework constructively evaluate situations helps evaluate forward progress needed reach goals possess strive gain competitive edge stay ahead game ever changing business atmosphere today’s world.

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