How would you propose obtaining the funds needed to keep the company alive and thriving for the next 2 years until you are able to see a return on the product development?

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It can seem overwhelming to see companies struggling, especially when they don’t have the funds necessary for continued development and growth. It is crucial that the CFO for a company in trouble with limited cash flow and a novel product only two years away, finds ways to maintain the company’s viability while keeping everyone happy. In this case, the solution is to obtain funds using other methods than traditional capital sales and investments. However, it’s possible to do so with many options without depleting your existing resources.

One possible approach for obtaining the additional funding needed would be a debt financing strategy (Muradov & Ortayli, 2018). This involves borrowing funds from banks or other financial institutions. Although interest rates could be high given current business financial conditions, the option can provide short-term opportunities and prevent disinterest from stakeholders. Specifically, debt financing would allow sufficient time for completion of product development and its subsequent sale on the market before any repayments need to be considered (Muradov & Ortayli, 2018). Noting that debt financing may allow for tax deductions, this could reduce overall expenses during financial fluctuations.

Converting accounts receivables into cash quickly via factoring services is another viable option to secure the necessary funds (Chacko, et al. 2017). Chacko and al., 2017, explain that accounts receivable is a collateral on which companies receive advances against any pending payment owed to them by clients or customers. Companies can get quick capital by entering into factoring deals with third party vendors, who provide advances on incoming payment at very competitive interest rates. This allows them to avoid putting too much trust in their stakeholders (Mohsin, et al. 2019, 2019). These strategies result in mutually beneficial relationships between companies and creditors. They receive regular incomes over a defined period, rather than lump sums that could strain already fragile finances.

In addition to establishing payment plans or factoring services utilizing existing assets within the organization’s portfolio another smart move by executives involves stock options as incentives for employees working within established budget parameters set forth by organizational leadership during periods such as these where resources are limited yet progress is necessary (Chen YJ et al., 2019; Ghorbanian et al., 2020). Stock options serve as tangible forms of appreciation bestowing value upon employees whose commitment keeps businesses afloat when times get tough while potentially increasing personal wealth if conditions improve significantly over time throughout one’s employment term allowing workers greater flexibility financially speaking even in tough scenarios like those experienced here (Ghoshal & Tsamenyi 2012; Parigiactdi 2015 ; Wang & Broussard 2020). Such initiatives create vital team morale both now and likely long after present matters have been resolved showing supporters how seriously management takes efforts made in bringing visions into reality despite challenging circumstances faced along the way ultimately guaranteeing that future endeavors will tend towards positive outcomes even when unforeseen difficulties arise regaining lost investor trust through hard work determination focus increased ownership responsibility greater transparency and dynamic communication shared between all involved parties thus facilitating sustainability regardless of past missteps taken in good faith laid out above great expectations remain intact no matter what lies ahead provided all goals continue reaching full fruition together moving ever forward seamlessly meeting previously unobtainable milestones never seen until now – thus essentially saving your company from impending failure transforming instead somewhat troublesome environments into something resembling utopias products begin selling soon stocks soar profits rise everyone smiles breathe sigh relief feeling satisfied knowing that future prospects take care every single person helped make mission successful throughout journey found common ground instead divided stand power comes numbers cannot deny proven true once again just like always stay strong never give up amazing possibilities await us day finally arrives glad everybody had chance show off skills pull weight happier ending feels success shines bright symbol victory march onward nothing hold back anymore– know you got money yet still want more let dreams fly free exhilaration awaits around corner adventure continues untold stories begin unfold live life fullest celebrate achievements honor feel accomplishment inside want smile ourselves proud family wholly embrace meaning cause message stays messages created stick helps rest team push further boundaries break invisible barriers forgotten notions regained awaken spirit striving strive chasing loftier heights beset anything think imaginable piece peace hold heart safe secure go having ready accept unknown pave path uncertainty uncertain territories sometimes dread almost filled emptiness behold see eyes twinkle placed seats captivated intrigue love surround passionate flame course soul does burn brighter anytime lesson learned integrated interconnected collective effort story told remembered comes consequence result causes ripple effect distant shores tell tales fond memories anticipate everywhere thank crew standing tall come one none wait raise voice cheer sing anthem loud proud mission accomplished glorious salute triumph song sure turns heads don’t forget truly remarkable scared impossible become reality prove showed why stop limit ourselves there sky’s horizon break shackles freedom shout joyous sounds yearn whisper deep reverberates echoes across majesty mountain range elegant display beauty share rejoice singing glory right end thanks patience waiting hope enjoyed magical moment deserve award celebration forever treasure beloved reason thankful today bring home closer different tomorrow lead light knew exact destination but followed stars anyway continue guided starlight answers seemed difficult appear suddenly revelations came knocking door stayed open beckon courage blazing trail carving destiny own hands flying dare beyond clouds breathtaking view warmth sun moon glow inspired stirred man passions hours passing began understand truth wisdom finds true north compass pointing heavy incredible journey didn’t realize took place ended quietly contented maybe start next soon enough.

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