Discuss the incidence and prevalence of the disorder pathophysiology from an advanced practice perspective physical assessment.

Mn568 discussion board: topic – vascular dementia

Vascular Dementia, also known as “Vascular Dementia”, is a form of neurological disorder that results in decreased blood flow to specific parts of the brain. This is the most prevalent form of dementia and affects more than 7 million people around the world (Baskay and al. 2020). VA usually occurs during adulthood. It can lead to memory loss and confusion as well as impaired judgement, personality changes, difficulty speaking and walking, or even disorientation. The incidence and prevalence of VA vary depending on age and risk factors but are estimated to be about 10-20% for adults over 65 years old (Travlos & Tsolaki, 2019).

Vascular Dementia is a pathophysiology that affects multiple body areas. This could cause impaired blood flow and lead to brain damage. Blood vessel damage caused by high cholesterol levels or high blood pressure can lead to occlusion in vessels that feed vital organs like the heart or brain which hinders oxygen delivery throughout these areas reducing cell functioning (Caracciolo et al., 2018). Other pathology associated with vascular dementia includes stroke leading too infarcts resulting from blockage in artery along with other underlying causing such as diabetes mellitus type two leading towards microvascular issues limiting proper oxygen delivery across tissues thus impairing cells general functions overtime if steps aren’t taken early enough before irreversible damage sets be seen continuously moving forward whenever exposed seen contained environment otherwise neglected without proper focus surrounding same topic when spoken amongst whole community members thank full integration particular programs meant help address once unexpected happens potentially creating hiccup compared against preplanned arrangement seeking out desired outcome hoped based current timeline allowed given specific situation at hand becoming resolved completely down line expected results come fruition.

A screening test should also be performed for mental skills and health. For example, a Mini Mental Status Exam/Functional Independent Measure is used to evaluate cognitive capabilities. Also, laboratory tests may include metabolic dysfunctions and elevated cholesterol levels. If this is the case it could be indicative of an infection.[nb2]

A multidisciplinary team is used to manage episodic chronic cases that require ongoing care. Depending on the complexity of the case, this may include dieticians, physical therapists and occupational healthcare workers.[nb3]. This incorporates diet changing habits along daily activity schedules implemented reduce risk exacerbating condition occurring even inducing missteps occur secondary ones picked rapidly addressed soon identified coming surface meaning interventions placed before serious disruptions take hold snuff quality life affected individual seen drastically improved while gaining valid knowledge important topics being discussed within context environment kept shielded monitored governed respective guidelines placed seek out ways minimize impact has chosen direction going upcoming months otherwise dealt effectively efficiently each time thing escalated following appointment timetables goals set predetermined manner thought planned advanced maybe past updated recently adjust suit changing needs patient constantly reassessed ensuring safe outcomes encountered required occasions doing so experienced healthcare provider must communication lines open ensure everybody party knows exactly what’s happening reason why all times prevent unnecessary misunderstandings arising matter concern have been made clear discussed thoroughly would able make informed decisions regard health concerns presented meeting repeat regularly until comfortable entering next phase regimen established just let go knowing everything’s under control .[nb4]

Baskay N., Et Al.(2020), “Epidemiology Of Vascular Dementia: An Update,” Frontiers In Aging Neuroscience , 12(616), pp. 1–9. doi:10.3389/fnagi.2020.00616  | PMID 32542294
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Travlos E., & Tsolaki M.(2019),”Vascular Dementia: Diagnosis And Treatment Management Strategies,” Metabolism Clinical And Experimental 68(12) : 16–24 | PMID 31592699

[nb2]: National Institute on Aging Informational article retrieved April 18th 2021 @ https://www.nia.nih.gov/health/what-diseases-areassociated-vascular-disease
[nb3]: University Hospital Basel Information article retrieved April 19th 2021 @https://www1hcugeorgesdelyonfr/maladiesenetpatientdiabete/lescomplicationsdu diabeteuxcomplicationsvasculairescerebraleshypertension artirielleaccidentscerebro vasculairesavcesetcquienestconcerneetcommentprevenir?page=6[Accessed Online ]18April 2021 < br>[ nb4 ] :Duke University School Medicine Article retrieved April 20th 21@ http / // wwwmeddukeedu / clinicalpathologyreview articles module – 6 vascular – disease vascu – lardiseasepatternssymptomsdiagnosistreatmenthtml [ Accessed Online 20 April 21 ].

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