New practice approaches, Intra-professional collaboration, Health care delivery and clinical systems.

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As I navigated the subjects of leadership, healthcare and inquiry, my reflective journal has proven to be a valuable tool in both personal and professional development. Reflecting on my experiences throughout this course has revealed many aspects that I have learned about, both from a theoretical and practical perspective.

This course gave me new perspectives on professional practice. Through studying different models of healthcare, such as inter-professional collaboration and evidence-based medicine, systems thinking and patient-centered, I gained a better understanding of how to provide high-quality services. It is important not only to understand these concepts but also be able to implement them into one’s own practice setting in order to achieve optimal health outcomes for patients.

Ethical considerations in healthcare delivery were also discussed. Many moral questions are relevant to the most vulnerable population and should be considered when making decisions about their treatment options or care plans. While there are several ethical principles that may help us understand what decisions might be best for a particular situation, ultimately each provider and organization leader must decide what action is most beneficial to maximize the positive outcome while minimising harm.

Providers and other organizations have found it easier to use technology to obtain data from various sources. These are used to improve performance within healthcare settings, based more on objective metrics than historical anecdotal accounts (Puustinen and al. 2020). Big Data analytics enables researchers gain insights into population health concerns across variables such as geography or socio economic status that were previously unavailable (Hernández Gonzalez 2018). This allows policy makers create more equitable policies amongst varying demographic backgrounds therefore reducing disparities among those who do not have access due financial reasons amongst others (Cuesta Fernández & Porcu 2019). Finally implementing a viable leadership model that can effectively manage complex organizational structure plays key role ensuring timely response changing demands within industry(Chaboyer&McKay2009). Understanding principles of effective management tools allow professionals rise beyond challenges face promote innovation better responses needs customers thereby improving overall performance business(Barsadeetal2012) .

As part of this practicum experience we were tasked with meeting competencies established by ACEND standards consequently requiring us conceptualize how our experiences classroom would reflect same service provided CPE residents’ workspace round out proficiencies measured acronym LEAPS Standing Leadership Evidence Achieve Practice Support Guidelines established by accrediting agency.(ACEND2020).An example of how we did this was: Coordinated each immersion session. Closed project checklist. Ensuring that proper procedures were followed. Document case conferences. Ensure faculty signatures are present. Use Google Form to complete the curriculum. Create documentation. Obtaining leadership evidence. All ways demonstrated successful application LEAPS “competency tracking form” needed measure progress acceptable rate completion.(ACEND2020)

Summary: This Professional Capstone Practice Course was a tremendous success. It helped me gain expertise and paved the way for career growth. I am grateful to my colleagues, who were kind enough to give feedback throughout semester.


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