Identify at least two ethical healthcare issues might arise when caring for this cultural group?

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As my selected cultural group, I chose the Sikh Cultural and Religious Group for this assignment.
One slide: Title Slide.

Slides 1 & 2: The health beliefs and practices
Sikhs have a traditional system of medical care that is based upon Ayurveda. They encourage a healthy lifestyle, including herbal remedies, massage techniques, nutrition and physical exercise. Sikhs often seek out modern medical treatments when suffering pain or an injury. Some may choose to use spiritual healing, such as chanting mantras and reciting prayers from a Guru or holy man. Many people are happy to use both Western and traditional medicine. However, it is important not to break any religious taboos while providing care. For example: avoid contact with the females in certain procedures.

Slide 1: Family patterns
The family structure amongst Sikhs is very important because it reflects upon their close knit community – which emphasizes teamwork & unity among its members. Families will typically consist of immediate family members such as husband/wife along with children but extended families can also include grandparents uncles & aunts cousins etc who stay together under one roof. It’s the responsibility of all adult males within these units provide financial support while females usually take charge raising children cleaning household tasks like cooking feeding animals taking care elders relatives visiting each other occasions.

Communication Style (1-2 Slides)
Sikhs are open to communication and listen respectfully, showing appreciation in all disagreements. Common expectation is to maintain eye contact throughout all conversations, courtesy expression knowledge field in case of unfamiliar terms. Respect is earned by men and women of equal gender speaking the same tone, voice or situation. Talks should be conducted quietly and humbly to reach consensus. Ideally, the argument can also be settled peacefully.

Space orientation (1-2 slides).
Personal space boundaries highly respected amongst members Sikh community individuals standing two feet apart sufficient enough make conversation between them – closer distances indicate intimacy exists which could create confusion matters privacy / sensitivity nature topic discussed.. For those bedridden due age disability similar grounds no exceptions made here inch away patients lines comfort decency drawn beyond point.

Time orientation (1-2 slides) Timekeeping deadlines must be met. For instance, morning prayers should be observed at 5:05am and then grocery shopping is done before noon. Punctuality seriously considered especially ceremonial events anniversaries thus allowing parents siblings acquaint themselves celebrations involve whole families zest enthusiasm actually comes naturally part being Sikh Nutritional Patterns( 1— 2Slides .)Religious restrictions diets exist impose abstinence consuming beef pork Hindus strongly against killing taurine animals seek substitute options instead avoid having offend fellow believers Pain Responses( 1— 2Slides )When faced bouts pain discomfort most appear display stoic attitudes resist complaining act courageously put fortitude front line mask suffering poverty situations Childbirth Perinatal Care( 1 — 2Slides )Childbirth seen blessed event society joy maternal women pampered ensure healthy delivery good management upkeep mother postpartum days weeks called “Maasa” period prescribed customsDeath Dying( 1 — 3Slides )Funeral ceremonies solemn affairs mourners gather home grieve loss ones life start proceedings singing hymns Lord followed cremation funeral pyre distributed ashes nearby holy river body typical occurrence Spirituality Religion Faith:Holy Days( 1 — 2Slides )On special occasions festivals weddings naming ceremony after birth children Gurpurab Guru Nanak Dev Ji ‘s birthday celebrated communities cultural activities carried out prayer meditations Silence Meditation Sanctuaries Retreat Centers yoga classes offered premises develop spirituality strengthen faith mind What knowledge did you gain about thisgroupthatyouwerenotawareof? I learned about various health beliefs and practices among the Sikh community such as their use ayurvedic medicines , family dynamics forms communication styles expectations regarding meals times worship rituals holidays specific focusing on particular Gurus Identifyatleasttwoethicalhealthcareissuesmightarisewhencaringforthisculturalgroup ?Reference Slides At least two references required . You must also cite images.

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