Consider how you would diagnose and prescribe treatment for the patient.

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The following scenario would allow me to diagnose the patient. To ensure that there is no untoward findings, I will first review the patient’s medical and family history. Although his physical exam is normal, he does not report any symptoms. However, the grade II/VI Systolic Murmur indicates that he needs additional cardiovascular testing. [1]. An EKG can provide valuable information regarding potential heart problems and help me formulate a treatment plan. Additional diagnostic tests, such as echocardiography, may be required if necessary. [2].

Considering this patient’s genetics as a factor when diagnosing him poses some unique challenges given our current limitations in genomics testing [3]. With current genetic testing technology it can often be difficult to evaluate whether positive test results suggest an individual has an elevated risk for sudden cardiac death which currently represents one of few indications for prescribing prophylactic implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs) for primary prevention of SCD [4][5] . All patients with murmurs present at an increased risk. Guidelines from AHA/ACC advise that this be done regardless of whether or not genetics testing has been requested.[6][7] As part of my diagnostic process going forward ,I also review cardiac sports screening questionnaire commonly known as PreParticipation Physical Evaluation Form – 5th Edition ensuring every athlete complete same prior participating in competitive events where relevant taking into account factors like travel & climate exposure etc.[8]

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