Within the format of a scholarly paper systematically explore a professional issue relevant to the nursing profession. The issue must be covered in depth with a significant analysis of the implication for the nursing profession. Research peer reviewed journals and identify an issue that is relevant to nursing and is of interest to you. Write a 1200 – 1500 word scholarly paper analyzing the issue and the implication for the nursing profession. This paper must be in APA format.

Nursing is facing a major problem: burnout. A condition of mental, physical and emotional exhaustion that is caused by long-term exposure to stressful situations at work. The symptoms of burnout include emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and a reduced sense of personal accomplishment (Maslach, Schaufeli, & Leiter, 2001).

Because nurses are the main caregivers for patients in hospitals, they are more at risk of burnout. Nurses are required to be available to care for patients with severe emotional and physical conditions. They also have to work long hours and manage a high amount of workload. Nurses are required to deal with complicated healthcare systems as well as administrative tasks.

The literature suggests that burnout among nurses is associated with a range of negative outcomes, including decreased job satisfaction, increased turnover rates, and lower quality of care (Shanafelt, Boone, Tan, Dyrbye, Sotile, Satele, West, & West, 2016). Burnout can also have a significant impact on the well-being of nurses, leading to health problems such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse (Shanafelt, Boone, Tan, Dyrbye, Sotile, Satele, West, & West, 2016).

A variety of strategies have been suggested to reduce burnout in nurses. These include individual-level interventions, such as stress management training, and organizational-level interventions, such as changes in work schedules and the provision of support services (Shanafelt, Boone, Tan, Dyrbye, Sotile, Satele, West, & West, 2016).

One individual-level intervention that has been found to be effective in reducing burnout among nurses is stress management training (Shanafelt, Boone, Tan, Dyrbye, Sotile, Satele, West, & West, 2016). These trainings can be used to teach nurses coping techniques for stress management, including relaxation techniques and time management.

Organizational-level interventions, such as changes in work schedules and the provision of support services, can also be effective in reducing burnout among nurses (Shanafelt, Boone, Tan, Dyrbye, Sotile, Satele, West, & West, 2016). Flexible work hours can be a great way to help nurses manage their personal and professional lives. Support services such as counseling or employee assistance programs can also help them cope with stress.

The nursing profession is facing a major problem: burnout. There are many negative consequences associated with burnout, such as decreased job satisfaction and increased turnover. Training in stress management and interventions at the organizational level, like changes to work schedules or provision of support services can help nurses reduce their burnout.

References: Maslach, C., Schaufeli, W. B., & Leiter, M. P. (2001). Burnout from job. Annual Review of Psychology 52(1): 397-422.

Shanafelt, T. D., Boone, S., Tan, L., Dyrbye, L. N., Sotile, W., Satele, D., West, C. P., & West, J. (2016). An analysis of interventions to improve physician health and reduce burnout. Mayo Clinic Proceedings 91 (9), 1292-1309.

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