Was the Principled Negotiation (PN) method, used in your case? If so, how? If not, could it have been implemented?

NCM512| NCM512

Organization: The conflict occurred in my workplace at a previous company, which was a small consulting firm.
The Conflict: After my former employer brought in a new employee, they decided that the manager and employee would have monthly check-in meetings to discuss progress and offer feedback. Unfortunately there was disagreement between the two sides over what to expect and how it should be done after their first meeting.
Pick a side: I focused on my ex-employer’s perspective for this assignment.
Part II – How Was it Negotiated? This page is approximately 1 page long
PN – Principled Negotiation was not used in this case as it is often seen as too complex or time consuming for smaller organizational conflicts such as these. However, if PN had been employed it would have greatly benefited both sides by encouraging cooperation rather than an adversarial approach while allowing them both to develop mutually beneficial solutions that respected each other’s needs. This could have resulted in better communication between them since PN emphasizes listening actively and trying to understand where ones counterpart is coming from before presenting one’s own position on matters being discussed at hand thus promoting trust further down line proving be successful tactic end game .
Principles – While PN wasn’t employed directly in this case there were still aspects of its four main principles utilized during negotiation process such as attempts separate people problem focusing attention facts themselves instead excessive personalization situation further helped emphasize importance win-win solution wanted achieve long run add always recommended accompany dialogues keep open mind listen out others remarks think through issues carefully arrive reaching consensus point but neither party able commit fully doing so result stalemate without anyone winning losing exchanges altogether kept going back forth until finally ultimately dropped subject entirely all due unwillingness move aside respective egos side important thing try resurrect relationship belief give benefit doubt matter what happens outcome signify death sentence harm either involved parts continue relationships pleasantly possible leave room grow both individuals organizations larger scale .
BATNA – There was no pre-determined BATNA present in this particular case however one should come prepared just event does not arise situation forces turn hands practical sense prevent detail slips cracks could allow take control looking ahead expected situations adjust accordingly seem fit properly cover necessary bases whenever comes knowing alternatives presented wouldn’t shouldn’t change stance already taken preserving dignity safety investing precious resources risk best defense strong offense given circumstances said pitfalls avoided moving forward performing exhaustive analysis potential high reward low cost plans free ride “winning never felt so good” feeling afterward when least expected same goes armed with deep understanding opponent capabilities don’t rely heavily luck cutting corners stop level playing field understand preferences stated implied during conversation will make difference types rewards gained reduction losses suffered thereafter tip hat hats off stating need prepare alternative courses action they appear ideal world dependable solid choice.

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