Identify an issue of concern for your role as an advanced practice nurse and to formulate a potential policy change to address that issue.

The topic: Accessing Mental Health Services More Accessibly

Objet: Increase access to affordable, high-quality mental health services available for all ages.

Background and Issue Statement. Mental health, due to its complicated nature, can prove difficult to tackle in healthcare policies. For people suffering from mental illness, it is particularly difficult to get the treatment they need. A recent study by The National Institute on Mental Health shows that 25 million adults in America suffer from a severe mental disorder. However, only half get the treatment they need (NIMH 2017, 2017). It is nearly impossible to get the right diagnosis or effective treatment when there are so few options. The symptoms only worsen. This lack of accessible care has an especially large impact on certain populations including children and adolescents who may require different types of therapy that are not currently covered by most insurance plans or Medicaid programs (United States Chamber Of Commerce Foundation & Novo Nordisk Inc., 2018). A lot of people lack the ability to afford even one session with psychiatrists or therapists. To make sure everyone gets the right level of care, no matter their financial situation, we need to focus on expanding access and ensuring that all people have options regarding reimbursement.

Participants: To make the policy proposal regarding increased access to mental health services a success, it will require significant collaboration among stakeholders. They include legislators, federal agencies and private entities offering insurance coverage. There are also regulatory agencies such State Insurance Departments and advocacy groups representing patients/consumers/providers and employers working with plan sponsors. These stakeholders need to work together in order to improve benefits management and identify any budgetary problems that may arise from implementing new policies. Additionally each stakeholder group should strive towards developing cost-effective solutions that meet the needs of both providers delivering the service(s) offered by insurers under the new regulations while maintaining affordable coverage options introducing parity between physical conditions’ treatments costs vs those associated with behavioral health concerns .
Issue Clarity Statement: We must then increase availability by incentivizing clinicians working in areas where there is limited psychiatric/psychological support so they remain active within their field longer – ideally until retirement if possible [3]. Implementing or redesigning fees schemes effectively might reduce the disparities in access to therapeutic solutions available under merged behavioral and medical healthcare plans. But, more attention needs to be paid towards minimizing any out-of-pocket costs incurred. [4]. It is important that public policy promote integration – both provider wise through multidisciplinary teams coordinating efforts but also academically via social workers matching patient behavior psychological profiles along disease progressions – paying special attention too remote learning applications particularly useful rural regions Underprivileged population access shortcoming

Potential Methods for Addressing the Issue/Options for Change: First, legislation must require coverage equalization across all employers. Then, incentives should be used to attract personnel in fields such as psychiatry or clinical psychology. Finally, reformation fee payment systems will allow for unified quotes that vary depending on insured size and location. They also have accountability processes which are implemented annually. These plans aim at reducing costs while educating communities about how important it is to address mental illnesses.

Risks And Benefits Of Changes Proposed : If done properly implementation suggested changes would improve overall outcomes mentally ill patients greatly higher retention rate potential life threatening complications caught earlier together lower expenditure dangerous pharmaceutical remedies As consequence effects rendered provoke improvement society terms self sufficiency poverty reduction ultimately greater contribution economy amongst other advantages Conversely however danger getting stuck bureaucratic “red tape” leading impractical spending restrictions fewer opportunities gain right kind aid Nevertheless chances noted improvements seen offset negative impacts strongly outweigh disadvantages arising related fiscal deficits introduced mindful contemplation project implications future growth sustainability offered Though naturally foreseeable issue arises main target however considered ease otherwise extreme difficulty finding adequate help theoretically anyone currently hindered obtaining proper diagnose sufficiently treated efficiently less money detrimentally affected every day life activities achieved beneficial way success result guarantee hard fought victory social justice campaign

Methodology for Evaluation – Policies that increase accessibility, transparency and efficiency can be evaluated. They should use indicators and track the progress. Other methods of evaluation include customer satisfaction surveys which are used regularly to analyze performance. Diagnostics accuracy is also possible. Parameterized methods will calculate customer loyalty. Rating systems with point scales rating customers’ loyalty can quickly identify root causes. Review points created allow members to monitor their results.

Recommendation Or Solution : Implementing recommended changes requires considerable effort collaboration multiple groups sure achieve expected returns effort put forth Although magnitude task laid table borders vast much tackled comparatively little monetary input required end good Ultimately route taken remains choice legislature power rest hands collective initiative ability take control own destinies brighter tomorrow Nowhere else clearer example this fact fundamental question raised “How next generation fare without us doing something about now?” Due enormity dilemma facing country sensible intervention erected within reasonable timeframe solution extremely likely resolve itself However bright light tunnel ultimately lies means capable making happen highest priority face elevate status nationally acknowledge importance treating every citizen decency deserve human being Moral ethical boundaries exist preventative therapies mandate backed full force legal system Best part entire affair won break bank big By fully utilizing logistical advantages identified above eventual hoped effect great relief millions Americans anguish seeks comfort desperately deserved ones offering.

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