Briefly describe how cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT) are similar.

Cognitive behavioral theory or rational emotive theory?

CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and REBT (rational emotive behavior therapy) have many features in common. Both approaches share the same theoretical assumptions regarding how individuals behave according to cognitions. The idea behind them is that emotions, thoughts and behavior can all be monitored and altered by looking for any disorganized thinking patterns. However, despite some similarities there are also significant differences between these two therapeutic approaches which may impact a mental health counselor’s practice. This paper will explore the similarities between CBT and REBT as well as discuss three differences that could potentially affect a mental health counselor’s approach when using either of the methods with their clients. Finally this essay will explain why I would choose one version of cognitive behavior therapy over another depending on a client’s needs.

There is a lot of overlap in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), as well as rational emotive therapy (REBT). Both therapies share their origins in psychosocial theories and emphasize on positive change through active goals-oriented processes. These include direct interventions that identify and block unhelpful thoughts and present more adaptive strategies, such problem solving exercises to keep stress levels down. The therapies use self-monitoring techniques that allow clients to look at themselves objectively, without judgment. It allows them to gain greater insight into their relationships with the environment and help them resolve any problems before they become more serious.

There are differences
Although many similarities exist between CBT and REBT there three key distinctions must taken account when consulting practitioner selects appropriate strategy treat individual case under consideration: firstly during counseling session its principle focus not just intervening surface symptoms experienced but actually investigating underlying systems thoughts beliefs featured within structure personality type subsequently uncovering irrational ideas originated family home culture upbringings etc secondly instead confronting “hot emotions” directly debating philosophical matters trying get person analyze his/her own view world around indirectly confront whole subject other hand REBT commonly uses element humor order lighten mood bring comforted atmosphere patient lastly time frame asked short term interventions rather than structured long course treatment required throughout entire period predefined duration.

My Approach & Evidence Based Literature
I think my approach towards working with clients needing help should use primarily Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy due its flexibility taking into consideration variety factors mentioned above all equipped powerful tools obtain effective outcome desired end rather than focusing solely superficial signs effect causes potentially distort thinking process negatively influencing patient’s perspective future endeavours understanding gathering information itself seems important part success obtained results according sources consulted literature best practice involves using different modalities specifically tailored particular demands presenting seeking assistance it comes psychological disorder resolution maintenance stability functioning properly William Knaus author book name “Psychobabble: A Critical Analysis Professional Psychology Today” stated emphasis empirical scientific methodology efficient proper assessment followed professional sound judgement decision making vital maintaining high standards keeping discipline track thus ensuring ethical principles respected applied highest degree surpass expectations given while reducing harmful effects circumstances lead onset illness were originally formed.

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